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I guess I'll just leave them here. I got them all from tumblr but I suck at keeping track of where I get them... Oops.

Look at this beautiful man. I just can't.

CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS???? Bam Bam was so tiny!!!! Mark doesn't look that different. He just looks older. And has makeup on.

How are we supposed to live when Park Jinyoung is out there, looking this fine? Also, his English gives me so much feels. It's so good.

Spot on portrayal of JB when he has angry chin. I am so loving the Got2Day series. I think it's my favorite along with Real Got7 season 1. Some of them I'd like to go to them and tell them to film it again and actually say something this time but for the most part I just have an 엄마 미소 the whole time. I have to say Jackson and Youngjae together was surprisingly magical. (Sidebar: Why is Youngjae becoming so attractive?? He's finally coming out of his shell and becoming more confident and it's amazing.) So much derping and hilarity. But pretty much anyone with Jackson is good because he puts them at ease. Well, except him and Mark. Mark makes most (but not all) become lambs. I can't believe he told Yugyeom he was being loud because he was talking to him. But when you're the oldest it's your right I guess.

And last rant of the night/morning: Sungjoy 쀼 on We Got Married. They are so cute. So cute. Because they are closer to me in age than the other couples they usually do I really like them. Sungjae has such a sweet, caring side to him I didn't know about. I love that he's getting to show that. And Joy is just so cute. I love that she doesn't play head games with him. She tells him straight when she's upset and listens to him explain himself. I can't imagine them getting in a fight. Because it seems like they both are not confrontational in a negative way. I've seen their episodes twice now (yes, I have no life) and they were still hilarious and sweet the second time. I've never successfully kept up with a couple before, except maybe Khuntoria, but I'm looking forward to their episodes. It seems like this week we get to see their wedding! Or soon, at least! 

I know for sure this one moves so Why aren't the gifs working?
GOT7, Junior Focus Dance
Let's see, what can I rant about about Junior? I saw the funniest post on omona the other day. Someone was commenting on a post about Got7 and called him JR and someone called them out with this hilarious picture of a fan screaming for JR and Junior refusing to acknowledge her. No wonder he writes it out now. I thought Jr. was cute. Anyway, he's looking mighty fine for this comeback. He starts off every performance with a smolder. It's yummy~ <3 뿅~

Testing out my new userpics so I don't spam the universe~~
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This one is for the beautiful Im Jaebum, the smiling angel. I really think I love when he smiles even more than when he's trying to be shmexy. I'm really upset about is injury, and I hope he takes care of himself. That choreo is dangerous so I hope he doesn't try to perform until he's 100%, especially with an ankle injury. I didn't realize yesterday when I found out that he went to the hospital how serious it was. Sidebar: Isn't it weird how I care about every little detail of k-idol's lives and their wellbeing, while in America I could care less tbh? It's just a different 느낌. 
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Once again I have fallen off the LJ bandwagon and neglected my own page. Sigh. It's a scary coincidence that a recent article on omonatheydidnt was what made me think about my own page--they had pieces of an interview with Hyunah talking about why she does sexy concepts, and I thought, I've talked about that before. I've pretty much gotten over it because it's so commonplace now for K-pop stars to do the sexy concept so I don't see a problem with it now. I try to think of it as women owning their sexuality and having the freedom to express it. Rather than trying to shamelessly appeal to the masses. :)

Ever since my sister had her baby I have no one to talk to about K-pop again (because she is, understandably, busy with her own stuff) so I turn back to LJ for all my fanigrling.

In recent news, Girls' Generation (now every time I type their name I see the banner in the Lion Heart MV where it's spelled "Gilrs' Generation" LOL) has released an album after finishing up promotions for PARTY not long ago. I have to say I'm excited at having so much GG after so long with none or promotions like Mr. Mr. that were not executed the best. I was really curious to see what it would be like to have GG without Jessica, but I find I don't miss her (sorry). I see it as she's on a different path now and hopefully some day we'll know what really happened from both sides.

Which brings me to another rant I've been having ever since the debacle that was 2014. What a horrible year for K-pop. Specifically all that went down with EXO. I'm over it now because I've been ignoring them until they get their shit together, but I was super upset when people were saying Lay was leaving too. I think Tao is gone and that's fine; but can't we keep Lay? I already had to give up Kris and Luhan. But there's also a part of me that wants him to leave so he can live his life. I just think of when TVXQ split up and the hole it left in my life. I cannot and will not go through that again. But back to the point: Will there ever be a time when SM artists are safe enough to tell the public what REALLY happened? Shinhwa I think is the only group that has been honest about when they left SM and what it was like there. Because it's been a decade. They also left SM on good terms because they left when the contract expired. Back when SM did the standard 5 year contract, instead of the slave contracts they have now. Who thought they could get away with that? Sigh. Anyway. I just wonder did Yunho and Changmin really not know that JYJ was planning on leaving and suing? Did they exclude them? At the time the explanation by fans was that Yunho and Changmin were in the middle of filming dramas so they couldn't sue with JYJ or risk having to stop filming half way through. But then SM said they didn't even know what was going on. I believe Yunho would never lie to us, but I also think SM has a scary power over their artists that's only just starting to crumble. I understand what went on with EXO much more--it was clear that the Chinese members were being treated worse than the Korean members and were suffering mentally from culture shock and all that. But I wonder how much the other members knew. Did the Chinese members get together and decide to start leaving? Did the whole group get together and give them secret permission to do so? I would like to think it was a secret group decision in order to help their members, but I think that's a pipe dream. But when I think of what the Chinese members had to endure I always remember the episode of EXO's Showtime when they played the 007 game and didn't explain it to the Chinese members. Instead they beat the crap out of Kris until he was about to kill them all. Some members were trying to silently explain it but most were laughing at them. And that was done on camera and broadcasted. What about when they all went on a show in China and everyone was lost except the Chinese members (and Suho, because he is an angel and has learned and used some Chinese)? That's what the Chinese members felt like every day. I understand why they left, and I don't really blame them.

Then we get to Sulli. I'm not sure about her. I know SM pulled her out originally because she was sick, then because of her relationship with Choiza from Dynamic Duo. I suspect that SM told her to break it off with him and she refused. But I hope she doesn't become the next Kibum and leave to pursue acting, then not do it really. She was good in To the Beautiful You. But I think there's a factor that no one knows about. It doesn't all add up. Anyway, I'm sure we will see her again soon. I just hope she left on good terms with the members.

And let's not forget Jessica. According to her the members and the company kicked her out, and according to them she wanted to leave. I'd believe Jessica before believing SM. Tbh. I do wonder what kind of awkward position this puts Krystal in. She knows what happened and has to associate with the company still. But if she did consider leaving too she can't now. With Sulli gone the group can't survive Krystal leaving. I know how close Jessica and Krystal are, so it must be really hard on them.

In other news, BAP is back with TS Entertainment! That was seriously shocking. I've never heard of a group suing their company, then rejoining it. I guess with Sonamoo not doing so well anymore and Secret's last song not doing as well as usual they need them. I just hope they treat them better this time. Because we're watching like a hawk. If I see another exhausted Zelo-baby, I will march there myself and demand he take a day off. But most of all...BANG YONG GUK WILL BE BACK. I didn't realize how much I missed him until I saw a video today (a random thing on the top 15 most difficult choreos in K-pop...the order was suspect to me) and BAP was in it. And I saw his stupid face and my heart just broke again. Luckily AM 4:44 kept me alive this long. I hope they're all rested and rejuvinated and can come back soon~~~~~~

Well, on to what I meant to talk about when I first started writing this post. Girls' Generation's new MV! Well, MVs. Lion Heart was incomprehensible at first, but after watching it a lot I finally figured out what happened. That dude in the lion mask is the same one for every member, so when he gives each that number thing it's a time and place at some train station (?) but he gave them all the same one. Or similar ones. And they figure out that he is trying to date them all. That book they find on him was a list of names, I think. OK, so I still don't get it totally, but it was cute anyway. It's nice to have the regular Taeyeon back. I think she was still in a slump during Party. People were saying crap about how she's being lazy on stage, but I think people have to consider what she's gone through in the last year. Her relationship going public, losing Jessica, trying to be the leader through it all. Give the girl a break. Anyway, You Think! I really like it too. I watched that MV so many times. People don't like the chorus but I like it. And once again, everyone is crapping all over the rap parts. Look. There isn't a rapper in Girls' Generation. They do the best they can. What they lack in skill they make up for in awesomeness. I do agree, though, that the choreo is way too hard for half of them. I usually just watch Hyoyeon when it gets a little mushy.

Anyway, this post has taken over an hour to write so I'm stopping. Once again, I've gone on tangents and rambled, but that's what this is for. :P

HyunA: I'm Not Sure How I Feel
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Ok, so I've been conflicted about HyunA. When 4Minute debuted, HyunA was my favorite. She had charisma and drew people to her. I'm not sure when she started acting different. Maybe when she did her first solo song, Change. I still liked her then. Then she released Bubble Pop.... I completely didn't approve at first. I thought, "Why make her have this image? She's talented. She doesn't need this much sex appeal." And I guess I still think she goes a little overboard. Then I thought, you know what, she worked really hard to get her body perfect to do that song. Why shouldn't she show it off if she worked hard for it? If a male artist worked hard to get in shape, I would be the first to appreciate seeing those hard-earned abs. But when a woman works hard for her body, she's called a slut.
(Sidenote: What is this I hear about a pregnancy scandal? Really? First of all, she's not that stupid, and secondly, not only would her company never allow her to have a boyfriend that serious, but she would also not have the time to be having casual sex like that. When she's not in Korea promoting for herself or 4Minute, she's in Japan doing the same thing. And she's done Dancing with the Stars... come on. Let's be serious here. Also, it's happened before. Look at Namie Amuro. She had a child early in her career. She's still awesome and amazing.)
Anyway. I digress. The point is, women who work hard to make their bodies commercially beautiful have just as much right as a man who does the same thing. I love 2PM but look at them---they're beastly idols, and no one says they're man whores. But if HyunA wants to show off her legs (and maybe more) she gets called a slut. Why the double standard? Maybe it's because I'm American, but I think there shouldn't be a double standard. 
On a slightly related note, it's actually really difficult to dance sexy like that. Not just Bubble Pop, but songs by female groups/artists. You might think, "Anyone can dance like that," but it's actually really hard to not only be believable but to even be able to do those sexy moves. There's a certain amount of flexibility and skill that's needed. Not to mention courage.
Anyway. That's my rant. I hope it makes sense.

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I don't want to do my project for school so I figured I'd have a little fangirl rant or two. I do enjoy them^^

I found out recently about 종현 of 샤이니 having a girlfriend. They look really cute together!! Even though, like any other fan, I wish it was me, I'm so happy that 종현이 found love! Yay! He really deserves it, just like any other actor or musician or famous person. They should be able to love openly like anyone else, right? So yay for 종현 and I hope his relationship is doing well~ <3

Recently, I've been fangirling over 유키스 more than ever. When I watched 시끄러,  I thought, wow, they've really grown up from their debut days. I have this fixation on 수현. I don't really know why I like him so much, but I just really think he's awesome. As are all the rest too! Since watching Maknae Rebellion, 동호야 has been rising in the ranks. He is just so freaking adorable. And he really can be charismatic too. I love it~

비스트 made a comeback a while ago too. 숨 is really awesome. Of course, at the end when 기광이 puts the mask on that girl and she puts her hand on his, I wanted to break her fingers. Hahaha, I guess I'm a little protective of 광이. I'm not usually like that but with him, I can't take it :)

I'm waiting for 엠브랙 to make a comeback!!! 제발! 보고 싶어요. I feel like their comeback is going to be legendary. After all, Y was really amazing. I hope they do a charismatic song, but maybe not quite as negative as Y was. Something not so sad, maybe. It seems like guy groups are doing really angry songs about women these days. I suppose since there have been angry songs about men for like centuries so it's our time...but maybe not quite so sad.

V6's 15th anniversary is in 3 days!!!!!!! I can't believe it. Even after all this time, they still are amazing.

Sigh. I should just work now. The longer I put it off, the longer it will take me to do. Although I wish I didn't have to during break. :(

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Today's rant will be on SHINee. I am super tired and have tons of homework but I feel the need to express how epic these boys men are.

First, 온유. He is a unique kind of leader. He doesn't make it obvious that he's the leader; with other groups, like 동방신기, the leader is the master of charisma. They often have trouble being light and funny like other members are. They feel like they have to always exude their manliness and show they are in control. It's not a bad thing; but after a while, they get embarrassed doing funny things that other members might just do anyway. Onew isn't like that. He can be hilariously fail. In the best way possible. Like when he wore that Spiderman costume for Hello Baby. On the stage, he can emanate control and charisma, but he can also be silly. That being said, he can also do what he has to as the leader. When there's a conflict, he can make a compromise or give a solution to smooth over situations. Besides being a good leader, his voice is amazing. And he can be such a dork that it makes my life <3

종현 is all kinds of win. Of course, he's got a voice that gives you chills all over and a face (and body) like an angel. He also can be whatever  character he needs to. When it's needed, he can make jokes to lighten the atmosphere or even play the bad guy to get some laughs. Even though I can't know this, I feel like he would always help one of his members, no matter what. I can't really describe what I think of Jonghyun because it's just a feeling (hahaha Taeyang hahahaha). He was the reason I started liking SHINee, around the time of Amigo. There's always one member that catches my interest before I really start liking a group. For TVXQ it was Jaejoong; for V6, it was actually Inocchi; for NEWS, it was Tegoshi. I saw Jonghyun and I heard his voice and my interest made me continue to watch them. He's just yummy. <3

Ok that's all for now. I'll do Key, Minho, and Taemin later. I need to start on homework so I can sleep. ><

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I just got back from my sister's wedding. This whole week has been insane because of it. T.T The bridemaids dresses were fine but they were a little warm.

Ever since TVXQ's problems started with SM Ent, I haven't really felt like they're together. Now, there's the JYJ group. I have mixed feelings about this for many reasons.

On the positive side, they are obviously not going to let anything prevent them from continuing their career in music. After all that's happened, they still make sure we know they are still singing and still active. I can't say the same about Yunho and Changmin just yet because I don't know what they've been up to. I think they've been acting in dramas...I think everyone is acting now. But I actually am really looking forward to JYJ's releases. It's a shame I'm never going to have money ever again...but when I do eventually see them, I will be really happy.

However, making a sub-group makes it seem like they've broken up. When I saw Yoochun's new tattoo, I almost cried. Because Yunho and Changmin weren't included. However, I can't help but wonder why. Because I don't know the reason, I feel like I shouldn't jump to conclusions. The more I try to reason out anything concerning them, the more upset I get.

It be a lot easier to accept JYJ and Yunho and Changmin's activities if I knew how their relationship was. As long as they're still close and their friendship is still strong, I will gladly accept that they have to be apart for a while. But the distance seems to be getting bigger and bigger. I saw Cassiopeia the other day. I saw three of the five clearly but I had to let my eyes get used to the dark to see the other two. Is that how this is going to be now? The three will still stand together on stage and Yunho and Changmin will be waiting until all this is over to rejoin them? I hope that they have plans to regroup in a few years. Even if I don't know the catalyst that made Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun sue, I have to believe that they had to do what they did. I don't think they would do anything like this without thinking it through.

Even though I believe in them, it doesn't make it any easier to accept them breaking up. I can't listen to their music anymore. I know that I should be keeping the faith but without feeling their bond, it's hard to keep it. I listened to a few songs the other night, trying to slowly get used to the feeling I get when I hear them, but I could only cry. I can't be in my room anymore because everywhere I look, I see them. I hate that I can't support them right now, because they need it more than ever. All I can do is wait. I will love them all forever, and I will wait until they're together again. When JYJ releases their mini album, I will try to listen. I love their voices and them so I want to support them.

TVXQ, you are amazing artists and amazing people. Because of all the love you've given me through your music, I will keep the faith that one day you'll shine together again.

Xiao Zhu's Birthday!!!! <3w
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 I missed it!!! By only a few days..對不起!!!! I love you!!
Ahh...for some reason, using this laptop, I can't write in Mandarin... :(

I wanted to give a huge dedication to Xiao Zhu, the King of Dance, but it's 2 in the morning now! I'll have to sum it up and write a full one later~ hao bu hao?

The thing that I love most about Xiao Zhu is how much he cares for his fans. Every time I see him address us (I say "us" because I am part of SFC in my heart! But I'm in America, so I can't be officially...*epically sad face*) I feel like he really cares. He recognizes all the love we give him, and does whatever he can to give us that much love back. As overwhelming as it is to have so many people you don't personally know loving you, he does a great job showing us all that even though he can't personally love us all, in his heart, we're all connected by his music. Even people in America, like me, who don't speak Mandarin and have never even been out of the country, can feel his passion and recognize his skill. Not to mention, he is one helluva actor!! Seeing Hi! My Sweetheart made me realize that he is amazing at acting.

I also love how he has his mother so involved in his stage life. Everyone who loves Xiao Zhu knows Lo Mama. I totally agree with him that family is important. Seeing him hug his mother after an Wu Fa Wu Tian concert made me tear up. You could tell how proud she was of him. It's amazing that an artist lifke Show Lo Zhi Xiang can allow us to see moments like that. Because his mother gave him the body and mind he has, de bu dwe? You can tell he loves her so much.

And, of course, his singing and dancing ability. Xiao Zhu is one of the select artists that can make me cry the first time I hear a song. There's a song on Expert Show, Hui Se Kong Jian, that in particular reminds me of the power of Xiao Zhu. The first time I ever listened to Expert Show, when I heard that song, I was crying before the chorus. I didn't understand any of it. But I could feel the emotion in his voice and I couldn't help it. When the chorus was over, I was really crying. There are so many ballads that I can just get lost in. And, of course, his dance songs are amazing too!! I love it when I can remember bits and pieces of the dances. I love watching him dance because his movements are so precise and strong. His facial expressions are too! You don't think about that sometimes, but he always has such charismatic expressions! All in all, I just love to hear him sing and watch him dance. 

Not to mention, 100% Entertainment. That boy...has some crazy skill. What I want to see is his Dance King personality. Because when Xiao Zhu speaks English, it makes my life. His speaking voice in Mandarin is yummy, but since I understand English...when he says something in English I scream. Because I LOVE it!!! I think he could get really really good at it too. He's a busy man, though, people! He can't spend all his time studying English just to show he can! My favorite lines in English are when he says "Come on, check it out yo" because he gets all the bad English pronunciations right. And he sounds so gangsta! I love it. I would loooove it if someday he gave a fan message in English. I think I would just die of happiness. Well, no, if he had a concert here I would die...

This is turning out to be a lot longer than I thought! Even though this only gives the finer points of my amazing fandom for him, I want Xiao Zhu to know that he has love in America!!!! 

Also! I saw a clip from when the photos for Luo Sheng Men were being taken...and I did buy a legal, actual copy!!! I supported you, and I wanted you to know I got your music the right way~ <3 in wei, wo ai ni!!~

I need to sleeeeep so I will be continuing with more fangirl ravings another time.

Happy Birthday Luo Zhi Xiang!!!!! WO AI NI!!! <3

松本 潤のこと
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前に松本潤が分かりませんでした。はじめに、岡田准一と「東京タワー」で見ました。その映画で、松本潤はちょっとわるい人ですから、このイメージと感じが覚えました。でも、「花より男子」で見ました。松本潤のキャラクターはちょっとかわいいですね。「たぶん、本当にいい人」と思っていました。たいてい、キャラクターはちょっと激しくて、声はとても大きいですね。二週間ぐらい前、「君はペット」を見ました。松本潤はすごくかわいいと思っていました。モモは手を上げる時に、「ワー~、カワイイ」と叫びました。今日、「ごくせん」を見ました。決めましたから。松本潤が分かります。今から、もっと理解するためにします。(?)松本潤の目はやさしくて、きれいですね。色々な話ですけど、今松本潤が好きですよ。私にこれは大切です。松本潤、がんばりましょう!^^ first rant on a Johnny's boy. I thought I would talk about V6 first, but I have to give it to Matsumoto Jun. I totally was out of line in judging him from one role he played. He acted well, so that's why I remembered him that way. I suppose that's a good thing in a sense. I don't think anyone can deny that his depiction of a pet dog is the cutest thing ever. I wanted to squeeze him!! He was so cute. When he first is told he has to be a pet to be able to live with her, he makes his hand look like a paw and makes this puppy face. I got that feeling I get when a puppy is so cute you just want to squeeze him as hard as you can. I admit, I shrieked. I'm really glad I watched Kimi wa Petto because now I appreciate his acting ability. Perhaps next I'll be proven wrong about Yamapi. After seeing him in Nobuta o Produce I had to admit he did an amazing job. I can't wait to see more of what Matsumoto Jun has been in. Who knows, maybe I'll become an Arashi fan now too. I do like them already <3

Someday, I'll write out a  big review of why I love V6 so much. But that takes a lot of explaining, so I'll leave it to a rainy day. Funny, we're supposed to have rain on Friday...who knows?

Hopefully the above Japanese wasn't too horrific. I really wanted to try writing in Japanese. I couldn't express all my emotions, but I tried to use what I know.



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